Domain Privacy Protection

Keep personal information safely locked away.

  • Protects against identity theft

  • Prevents domain-related spam

  • Deters hijackers

Free Privacy Protection Coverage.

When you register a domain require your personal information to be automatically entered into a public directory often used by hackers and spammers to compile mailing lists and steal domains. OpanHost offers Free privacy Protection options to keep your personal details safely hidden.

Privacy Protection Features
Masks your personal details in the public WHOIS Directory
Keep personal information safely locked away.
Prevents your domain-related spam
Deters your domain form hijackers
Protects you from stalkers and harassers

*Almost all domain are supported privacy protection plans exempt some these.

Domain Privacy

Keep personal information safely locked

Every time you register a domain, you risk having your name, mailing address, email, and phone number exposed to
fraudsters, identity thieves and scammers. This is how we protect your privacy.
Privacy ON

Using our domain name security service, we will list our generic company as the contact address for your domain name. This ensures that your confidential information is not available online.

Free for all

Are you an individual with your own domain name for business or personal use? If so, you can use opanhost's domain privacy to hide your personal information for free.

Register for Domain Privacy

It’s a simple process to register. Just tick the box when you register your domain and our Domain Privacy service will keep your personal details private.


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Frequently asked questions

The WHOIS directory is a searchable list of every single domain name registered in the world, including the names, addresses and other details of the people who own them.
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires accredited registrars to publish this information in the WHOIS listing as soon as the domain is registered.
The short answer is yes. The name, address and phone number you submit when you register your domain is publicly accessible by anyone at any time. This may be good news if you have a domain name you'd like to sell. Or it may be bad news if your name and contact info is collected by a spammer, hacker or cyber-criminal.
By Proxy. No one ever sees your name, address, email or phone number but us. That is because we replace your name and contact details with the Domain Privacy Protection Service’s contact information instead in order to provide you with the highest level of protection against identity theft and spammers.
Privacy Protection through Domains By Proxy No one ever sees your name, address, email or phone number. while protecting you from identity theft, domain-related spam and domain name hijacking. Domains By Proxy even creates a private and unique email address for each domain name. You get to decide if you want the email forwarded to you, filtered, or completely blocked.